Therapist and owner of Body Love Therapy

Hi, I’m Emily.

Body Positive Therapist Philadelphia | Emily Capelli

I started my therapy practice in 2018 because I wanted to fill the gaps that traditional eating disorder treatment leaves for those that are looking for deep healing.

I believe in treating clients as a whole, leaving no stone unturned. That is why I offer both one-on-one therapy and group therapy for eating disorders and social anxiety. I also work with dietitians, acupuncturists, and other healing professionals in the area. From my experience, a holistic treatment that explores many avenues is necessary for healing.

I worked in inpatient hospitalization, outpatient services, intensive outpatient, non-profits, and now in my very own therapy office in Philadelphia. I received my masters in Community and Trauma Counseling from Thomas Jefferson University where I now teach undergraduate Psychology classes as an Adjunct. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Widener University’s Human Sexuality program studying Sex Therapy.