Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, the therapeutic relationship is the most important mechanism for healing, so it is important that I establish a trusting, confidential relationship with my clients. I use an integrated modality, including Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Feminist, and Humanistic therapies. Deep healing occurs in exploring past and present relationships, trauma, and how larger systems of oppression influence our daily lives.

Body Image Support Group

My group on Body Image & Body Acceptance uses both support from a therapist and peers who share an identity as recovering from eating disorders. Group participants learn how to support and be supported through the journey of recovery. Participants also learn that their body image disturbances influence how they interact with others, including unhelpful self-judgments and feeling that others are negatively evaluating them. In this group, we challenge each other through strong relationships to have corrective emotional experiences.

Social Anxiety Support Group

My social anxiety group uses exposure to social situations to decrease anxiety symptoms. The group acts as a social laboratory in which the members use new ways of interacting that they can apply to their relationships outside of the group. The group meets weekly for 12-weeks at a time.