Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?


I offer competitive rates, as I believe therapy should be accessible to everyone who wants it. My individual rate is $100 per 50-minute session, and my group rate is $50 per 90-minute session. I have a limited number of reduced-fee clients for those who need it.



Do you take insurance?


At this time, I do not work with insurance companies. However, some insurance may offer reimbursement for my services if you submit receipts from our sessions. I am happy to provide receipts.



What is the process of setting up an appointment with you?


First, set up an appointment with me by writing a general description of what you are struggling with. In the next day, we will set up a time to chat on the phone for 15 minutes so I can get a better sense of what you are looking for.

We will then set up our first face-to-face appointment within the next week where you can ask me any questions you want. I encourage you to interview me the way you would a candidate for a job.

In that first session, I will go over my Informed Consent, as well as explain what therapy is like with me.



Can I join a group without being in therapy?

My groups are reserved for people who are also in individual therapy. There are many things that come up during the group experience that would be difficult to navigate without a trained professional. I do not have to be your individual therapist when you are in a group, but you must be in individual therapy.